Kevin Myers

Kevin P. Myers



After working in international banking for over 7 years, I decided to start Green Starts Here to combine my desire to create a business of my own with another important aspect of my life- a commitment to sustainability and the environment. The name Green Starts Here was born out of the fact that no matter how well-funded, star-studded, or heavily publicized an environmental issue may be, change starts HERE, with each and every one of us.


Like any good entrepreneur, I spend most of my time listening and learning. I wear many hats- some are a bit too tight, some completely cover my eyes, and others fit just right. I am continually moving forward, sometimes walking, sometimes running and sometimes falling flat on my face. This is an exciting time for Green Starts Here having recently transitioned from the product development phase into sales and marketing. We hope that you will join our community as we continue to grow our roots and extend our branches.

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