My First Post!

November 6, 2013


When I first heard the word blog, it was way back in college at a time when things like Facebook and Twitter (much less Myspace) didn’t even exist. I thought, aside from a select group of “interesting” people, how many people really care what the everyday Joe or Sally has to say? Clearly the blogging of today is much more advanced than it was back then but I still fully admit to missing the boat on that one. In fact, this is the first blog post that I have ever written!


So why start now? I guess now is a good a time as any, particularly as we have now launched the ShowerSaver on Kickstarter. Since a blog is a good a forum as any, I hope to convey my true passion for not only the ShowerSaver and GreenStartsHere, but for all things sustainable.


Today, I went out for a 8 mile run. For some that might be considered painful, but for me, I was sad to see it end. The leaves were turning vibrant colors, the river was flowing calmly, and all of the animals from birds to chipmunks were hustling about getting ready for winter. It was beautiful, and it reminded me just home much I love nature, and why I work so passionately to create products which educate and empower others to incorporate green decisions into their daily lives.


In the past, people have told me, “Why does it matter what I do, I’m just one person”? In my experience, most people who litter tend to use this excuse (admittedly, I have asked people on several occasions). What many people don’t understand is that if everyone makes the individual “green” decision, together we can create a powerful and lasting impact on the planet. Green does Start Here after all!


Kevin Myers


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