My visit to EcoLogic Solutions (one of our community partners)

Last year, as I was in the process of creating, my wife suggested creating a page of “Community Partners” to showcase organizations that have not only made a commitment to sustainable business practices, but have also helped Green Starts Here on our path to becoming a successful and sustainable enterprise.


I first came across EcoLogic Solutions when reading an article written by their founder, Anselm Doering. In short, the article was about a new product that the company was selling which would allow major clients to make their own cleaning solution for a fraction of the cost of what EcoLogic was selling it for. Although this concept would seem foolish to most given that it would essentially cannibalize existing sales (perhaps significantly), Anselm understood that this was by far a more sustainable choice given that it would meaningfully cut down on shipping and packaging. After reading this, I decided I had to reach out to Anselm and see if we could connect. I was delighted when, Franz Wisner, a communications consultant for the firm, invited me to check out the company’s offices in the Brooklyn Navy Yard (a growing green business incubator of sorts). Although Anselm was off on business, Franz told me the EcoLogic story and showed me what they were all about – I was impressed.


Back in 2003, Anselm got the idea for making a better cleaning product when he saw a public bathroom adorned with a “Proud to be Cleaned by Lysol” sign. How could such a harsh chemical be considered safe he thought? The rest is history. Today, the company makes a full line of 100% environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning products, from multi-purpose and glass to oven, toilet and dishwasher. In fact, the multipurpose cleaners that I spoke of above are made from just water and salt (yes it is drinkable but maybe not palatable), and one variant is to be 100 times more effective at killing bacteria than bleach – who knew that was even possible?


After finishing my tour of the office and warehouse, I was able to share some of our prototypes with a few members of the EcoLogic team and I must say it was good to get such a nice reception about our concept. We also talked about the potential of future partnerships in the green space given that we both target the hospitality industry. Finally, I was excited to be able to bring home a bunch of samples although you may be disappointed to hear that EcoLogic does not sell to individual consumers – only businesses – so don’t expect to see them at your local grocery any time soon. I know my cat will miss the last bottle when it is gone – I think she can smell the difference versus my old cleaners!



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